Thank you @lwgraphicsuk for all of your fabulous work in wrapping WhiteRows. She looks stunning in metallic red. The purpose of the metallic wrap, other than looking stunning, is to reflect some of the suns rays. On 12th September I will be leaving the canaries and heading for Antigua, as part of the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge ,so I am anticipating temperatures way into the high 30s during my crossing, and the reflection wrap will help keep the sleeping cabin cooler.

I have also had a solar film placed on the cabin doors, both fore and aft, again to reflect some of the suns rays. In tests, this led to a 10 degree or more reduction in temperatures inside the cabin.

The bright red colour also acts as a safety measure. I considered greys and silvers, but these bend into a big sea, I am hoping the red, which is a warning colour, will stand out and allow any other shipping during the daytime to see me.

The union jack at the stern of the boat with my family’s name’s on was my wife, Susanne’s idea and I think sets the boat off nicely. There is still plenty of space left for further sponsorship logo’s so please get in touch on the website if this is something that would interest you.